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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our most fundamental philosophy is the prevention of conflict through timely legal opinion and advice, which can avoid later disputes and legal censures or penalties. We endeavour to reach safe and reassuring resolutions acceptable to all parties involved.


In our experience, if clients have, without legal assistance or advice, signed an agreement as a template or drawn up by another party, which strongly defends the interests of the other party, they will be at a severe disadvantage in cases of legal dispute.


It is more economical to show a contract to a lawyer before signing an agreement that later proves prejudicial, or results in long years of legal action and financial damages simply because the contract was not approved by a lawyer and because it was designed to better defend the interests of the other party.

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Our Firm

Aradszky and Képes Law Firm was founded on May 15, 2000 by Dr. Zsolt Aradszky and Dr. György Képes, attorneys at law, following nearly seven years of professional experience as legal apprentices, clerks and associates in law firms. On September 23, 2020 Dr. Bálint Füredi, attorney at law, who, before having passed the bar exam, had worked as a legal clerk at a real property management company and later at Aradszky and Képes Law Firm, joined as the third partner.

The office of the law firm is situated in District II of Budapest, near the Buda bridgehead of Margit Bridge, in the neighbourhood of the courthouse of Metropolitan Administrative and Labour Court in Tölgyfa street.


Our team can provide our clients with consultations, legal advice and the preparation of legal documents in Hungarian, English and Italian. We do not work in pre-determined opening hours. As members of our team are frequently engaged in working with regular clients, we kindly request that you make an appointment with us by telephone or email before coming to our office in person.


Technical Conditions


We are able to accept and fulfil legal mandates from all over the world through our computer network. We, as lawyers possess qualified electronic signatures as well as all the necessary technical devices for conducting online administration. Due to our access to the Takarnet online database, we are able to download all information relating to real properties. 

Our office also has a spacious meeting room, which can accommodate various meetings (general meetings, co-ordination meetings and negotiations). In addition, our office is fully equipped to facilitate increasingly popular online meetings using Teams, Skype or Zoom, or to participate in video conferences. For our regular clients, we will come in person to their business headquarters for consultations or meetings. Alternatively, we offer online contact and communication or a hybrid of online and in-person communication.

Our Professional Expertise


Our law firm specialises primarily in legal services for companies and NGOs. We prepare and give legal opinions on documents. We offer legal advice and related services. Naturally, we also represent our clients in legal and administrative proceedings, both inside and outside of court. All these services may be provided on the basis of a one off mandate or a permanent assignment


If there is a need for a legal specialism, in which we feel our team lacks sufficient expertise (for example criminal law, family law or another legal field) we will recommend a colleague we know personally to be an expert in the field.

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