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Our Client Base


From the very beginning, our office was commissioned to work in cooperation with the legal department of a limited company in the  food industry. The work included consultation on legal issues arising from the day-to-day operations of the company, the preparation and evaluation of professional management agreement, legal checks of marketing and commercial communication prior to their release, as well as providing legal representation in various disputes of the company.


We also have a permanent mandate from an international tobacco company and a foreign-owned dietary supplement supply company, providing ongoing, regular legal advice. Through this work, we became proficient in managing the most sensitive areas of commercial marketing and consumer protection regulation.



Other ongoing mandates are from a globally renowned sportswear company and the Hungarian subsidiary of a well-known international lift manufacturing company.


We provide regular legal advice to Hungarian small and medium-sized companies, including many firms specialising in technical development, engineering and security and security technology.

In the non-profit sector, we also provide legal advice and services to NGOs and not-for-profit companies, as well as to Hungarian and international non-profit umbrella organisations.

Anti-Trust Proceedings


One of our main area of competence is competition law. We provide legal assistance and representation to our clients in the framework of permanent and one-off assignments as well in the proceedings initiated by the Office of Economic Competition.

You can find details of the rulings in several of our competition supervision cases in the link below:


Trademark Registration


We regularly provide legal assistance and representation to our clients in trademark registration proceedings before the National Office of Intellectual Property.

You can search details of trademarks registered by us in the link below by entering aradszky* into the search bar:

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