Our office

Aradszky & Képes Law Firm was founded on 15th May 2000 by attorneys at law dr. Zsolt Aradszky  and dr. György Képes, after seven years of legal practice.


Our colleagues speak Hungarian, English and Italian languages and are at our Clients‘ disposal for consulting, giving legal opinion and preparing legal documents.


We prepare and review legal documents, give legal advice, provide other connected services and represent our Clients before courts and in other procedures on the basis of permanent contract or of an ad-hoc assignment.

Our philosophy

Our main philosophy is to avoid the possible conflicts of the future in business relationships: we try to elaborate secure and fair (mutually acceptable) legal solutions of legal matters for all the parties involved.


We prefer preventive legal consultancy: reviewing draft contracts before the execution thereof rather than emphasizing the mistakes after the parties have signed them.


In legal disputes we also prefer amicable solutions; however we represent our Clients in legal disputes, litigations as well.


Our profile

  • Commercial law

  • Company law

  • Competition law

  • Consumer protection and advertising

  • Data protection and data security

  • Employment law

  • Intellectual property law

  • Not-for-profit law​

  • Public administration procedures
    and litigation

  • Real property transactions