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Areas of Competence

Data Protection (GDPR)


A major area of expertise in our office is data protection law. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Zsolt Aradszky, a specialist in data security and data protection, we offer complete legal due diligence in EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as the preparation and evaluation of all the necessary policies, contracts and  documentation (for example, recording and handling data, legitimate interest assessment, impact assessment), responses to requests from data subjects and breach management. We also offer legal support and safeguards for evaluating the conformity of data processors, as well as legal representation in cases of inspections or investigations launched by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (the NAIH).

Employment Law


Our office undertakes the preparation and assessment of employment related documents, including employment contracts, modifications to contracts, educational agreements, employee loan-out agreements, collective agreements, ordinary dismissal and dismissal with immediate effect and employment termination by mutual agreement. We represent our clients in employment disputes in court or in negotiations with organisations representing and defending the rights of employees (trade unions, works councils).

Company Administration


Our firm offers the complete legal administration of companies. This includes the preparation and continual maintenance of incorporation documents and other company documents. In addition, we host general meetings, statutory meetings, supervisory board meetings and executive meetings and documentation, as well as the preparation of meeting minutes, resolutions and official excerpts. We prepare all necessary documentary material for company registration, digitalise the documentation and provide legal representation in the electronic administration of company matters.



Our office undertakes all legal tasks relating to the establishment and running of foundations, associations and not-for-profit companies as well as ongoing legal representation for these organisations. In addition, we undertake the legal assessment of donations and other contributions to be made to not-for-profit organisations, including formulating compliance and anti-bribery policies and the organisation of educational programmes.

Commercial Law


In addition to the setting up of business companies and the handling of their internal legal matters, relating to their organisation and management, we also offer legal support in matters arising in the day to day business of the company. We undertake the preparation and editing of commercial, marketing, purchase, supply and other commercial agreements, as well as offering a legal opinion on contracts drawn up by another party. We provide legal representation for the client in negotiations preceding the signing of the contract, reaching agreement with the legal representatives of the other party. We advise our client of any risks we detect, either in the content of the contract or as relates to the other party, and suggest ways to mitigate this risk.

Competition Law


A major profile of our office is competition law. We have participated in many business competition supervisory proceedings, both as external experts and as legal representatives. Thus, we have significant experience in legal regulations relating to agreements limiting competition, as well as in the field of merger control (arranging permission from the Hungarian Competition Authority to merge companies). We provide legal advice from the perspective of competition law prior to individual transactions, as well as participating in the client’s own programmes to ensure compliance with competition law. This includes holding trainings and preparing both general and specific training materials (for example on dawn raid), as well as compiling internal company regulations relating to competition law.

Claims Management


Our philosophy is that it is better to avoid legal disputes. We therefore aim to win our client’s claims in out of court settlement. Naturally, however, we offer the complete range of claims management, so that if an out of court settlement is not reached, we can provide legal representation for clients to pursue legitimate claims through the courts or via other proceedings, and we will manage the process up to and including the enforcement of the claim in liquidation and enforcement procedures.

Legal Representation in Court and Public Administration Proceedings


Our firm offers legal representation of clients in court, whether they appear as defendant or plaintiff in both commercial suits and employment law cases. We also represent clients in public administration proceedings or in cases referred to the appeals court.

Intellectual Property Law


Our firm offers a complete range of services to defend intellectual property. We undertake the preparation of trademark and other licence agreements and provide legal opinions on such agreements. We provide legal representation in proceedings for trademark registration and represent clients in contested cases. We also offer clients legal help with malicious or misleading trademark registrations and provide legal representation in court in cases of infringements of trademarks or other matters of intellectual property law.

Marketing and Consumer Law 


Through ongoing legal representation of clients working in FMCG and other consumer sectors we have amassed a wide experience of commercial marketing, consumer protection and the application of regulations forbidding unfair commercial practices. We offer opinions on the legality and business ethics of brand marketing and trade marketing. We apprise our clients of the conditions governing advertisements comparing companies as well as of obligations arising from restrictions or prohibitions placed on certain advertising. We also offer legal advice on consumer information, product naming, warranties and other matters covered by consumer law.

Real Property Law


Our firm offers all the customary services relating to real property law. We prepare and countersign real property sales and purchase agreements and provide legal representation in title deed registration and the imposition of property acquisition fee. We also offer a legal opinion for the property seller on an agreement drawn up by the solicitor of the property buyer. In addition, we offer legal advice to both private and corporate clients wishing to rent or buy a real property, an assessment of the property records and recommendations to resolve any issues arising, as well as formulating secure and specialist solutions for property investments.  

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